Janice A. Dole & Gale M. Sinatra (1998) Reconceptalizing change in the cognitive construction of knowledge, Educational Psychologist, 33:2-3, 109-128, DOI: 10.1080/00461520.1998.9653294


How is knowledge acquired and represented in memory? By what process do individuals come to change their ideas, conceptions, or knowledge? Although the first question has been central to cognitive psychologists’ research agendas for many years, relatively less is known about the change process We examine 3 research literatures to broaden our understanding of the process of knowledge change. In particular, we draw on models of conceptual change from cognitive psychology social psychology, and science education. Each model adds a new perspective on the change process. Based on the literature from these models of change, we developed a new model that represents our reconceptualization of the change process. We describe the model and use it to point out new areas of research to be addressed.